B&B Treviso, benvenuti

The Story of Madam Lady

1942, a year which many local inhabitants will remember for the arrival of a mysterious young dark-haired woman who left her mark on the hearts and palates of many. The young lady had just started serving food in her apartment in the centre of Treviso, what people from the area would consider homemade cuisine. All this took place at no. 10, via Risorgimento.

Everyone called her “Madam”, possibly due to her French origins, or maybe because that’s how she introduced herself. The fact remains that her striking beauty set her apart from other women of the period. What’s more, her kind and sweet nature gave her that “je ne sais quoi” which allowed her to expand her business and make her apartment a place where she could accommodate guests from all over the world. Her flat was home to many tourists. Treviso was already at that time well-known for its art and culture.

However, Madam wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea; many women envied her beauty and, above all, her cleverness and her capacity to be both free and enterprising. She was, indeed, one of the first restauranteurs in Treviso as well as being one of the first to put guests in her own home. Months passed and her business went from strength to strength, until one day she suddenly vanished without trace. What had become of her? Had she returned home?  Or had she set out on a new adventure? These questions remain unanswered still today. Her disappearance took everyone by surprise, particularly because she had left her apartment exactly as it had always been: with her clothes, her glasses, her handbags and her kitchen, of which she was so fond. It was her kitchen that had allowed her to do what she liked most: making tourists from all over the world happy. 

Beautiful setting
Our B & B is situated in Treviso, a wonderful city in the heart of the Veneto Region, a stone’s throw from Venice.

Comfortable environment
A unique and pleasant environment with all the facilities to make your stay enjoyable.

Panoramic view

From the rooftop terrace you can enjoy a stunning view of Treviso.